Our Revolution

Progressive DNC

Our Revolution is calling on Joe Biden to appoint progressives to the DNC who have done the critical work at the local level of building the party and bringing in more progressive voices.

Sign here to ask Joe Biden to appoint the following progressive champions to the key officer spots plus several Council and Caucus Chairs, Committee Chairs and At-Large positions. There are over 100 open leadership spots, help us identify other progressive leaders who want to build the party with all of our voices at the table.

J.D. Scholten: Former Congressional candidate and rural advocate
Michelle Deatrick: Former DNC Member and DNC Climate Council Chair
Jane Fleming Kleeb: Nebraska State Party Chair, Our Revolution Board Member, Founder of Bold Nebraska, Member of DNC Unity and Reform Commission
Remi Bald Eagle: Native American leader, former candidate, water protector
Wizipan Garriott: Native American leader, former Obama Administration member, water protector
Dr. Jim Zogby: DNC Member and Ethnic Council Leader
Larry Cohen: DNC Member, Co-Chair of Unity and Reform Commission, Longtime Union leader
Aisha Dew: Former Vice Chair of NC Democratic Party, African American leader

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