Our Revolution

Tell Your Senator: End the Filibuster

Today, America faces intersecting crises that undermine our public health, racial justice, the economy, our climate, our democracy, and more. These crises have translated into serious problems and inequities for people across the country, especially our most marginalized communities.

Voters were loud and clear when they turned out in record numbers to vote in an historic election during a deadly pandemic. To meet the challenges of this moment, the American people expect swift and bold legislative action. At the moment, however, a backroom legislative maneuver stands in the way: the Senate filibuster.

Long used by a handful of Senators representing a minority of the country to serve the wealthy and powerful rather than the vast majority of Americans, the Senate filibuster is regularly used to kill legislative priorities that would address the challenges facing our communities.

Bills like The For The People Act would take meaningful steps toward securing voting rights, but Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans will use the filibuster to prevent them from ever getting a floor vote.

Senate Democrats have the power to change the filibuster rules to prevent the Minority Leader and his colleagues from blocking Congressional action on voting rights. If we are going to tackle the crises facing our country, the Senate must be able to govern. It’s time to take away Mitch McConnell’s veto.

Sign our petition to tell your Senator: the Senate filibuster cannot stand in the way of voting rights any longer.

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