Our Revolution

Medical Debt Survey

Our Revolution is waging a a national campaign to End Medical Debt with patient advocates and progressive leaders like US Rep. Ro Khanna - and we want to hear from you!
Are you one of 100 million Americans burdened by medical debt? Do you owe money for medical care that you couldn’t afford? Have you put life expenses on a credit card in order to pay medical bills?
Share your story and add to the groundswell of voices calling for Congress and the President to deliver systemic solutions to this massive healthcare injustice.
Here are just some of the solutions our coalition is organizing for on the ground and inside the halls of power:
1. End patient price-gouging
2. Guarantee the right to free care and financial assistance
3. Stop predatory collections practices
Here’s what some of our patient advocates have said:

— “I’m 72 and now live with my daughter after losing everything because of medical bills. I had $250K saved up for retirement and then disaster hit - several bouts of cancer and a stroke in 2009.” - D’Anne M., AZ

— “I had no debt until 2015 when I had to go to the ER for an injury - got hit with a $20k bill — even though I had insurance and went to nonprofit Community North Hospital, I still got saddled with debt.” - Elizabeth M., Indiana

— “In 2010, I was hit by a car while riding my bike. I barely survived and was in the hospital nearly a year.. had my hand amputated and reattached. It totaled nearly $1 million — even with insurance and charity care, I had to put $10K on credit cards. Now, instead of being able to pay that down, I’m incurring more costs for pain treatment not covered by insurance. It’s a vicious cycle.” - Kristin N., Washington

— “The cost of an MRI in hospital was 8x the cost of an outpatient MRI and 80x outsourced MRIs. I owe over $8000. I wouldn't owe anything if hospitals didn't gouge patients.” - Mary W., Texas
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